How Using Videos will Boost your Website’s SEO?

How Using Videos will Boost your Website’s SEO?

For the past ten years, videography has grown into a powerful attraction on modern-day social media platforms, and it has provided the digital community with a desirable feature that has taken precedence over all other content strategies. Needless to say, all large and small scale businesses have adopted videography as their marketing and SEO strategy, and websites are now powering themselves with video plugins that will allow them to directly communicate with their audience.

Let’s admit it, videos are sweet, simple, flexible, relevant and most importantly, they add value to your SEO strategy by providing value to your audience.

Let’s take a look at how using videos can boost your SEO and website engagement:


Flexibility & Deliverance

Videos are short, simple and sweet, and while maintaining relevance, they do not tax the audience to go and ready lengthy articles, but instead, they keep them occupied throughout the long subway ride or morning coffee ritual without requiring any effort on their part. Videos can communicate long speeches and lengthy information in a short, simple and sweet message that will be shared with other members of the digital community with blazing speed.

Captivate the Audience

Videography is a powerful medium of storytelling, and whether you are marketing a product, advertising or service or promoting an activism campaign, it will allow you to captive and engage your audience. Despite being loaded with digestible and comprehensible information, videos tend to make a more powerful impact on the perceptions of people, and they ignite follow-up actions. The effectiveness of videography in getting the message across simply cannot be denied.

Enhance User Experience

With the surge of videography in SEO techniques, the audience prefers to watch videos and they are more eager to hunt down good content that will be engaging and worth their time. If you succeed in creating an engaging blend of story, sounds, visuals and effectiveness, it will boost your SEO rankings and create your website into a platform that allows the audience to access good content that is worth their time. It will improve user experience and will increase the level of engagement and audience on your website.

Boost Google Rankings

Adding videos to your social media platforms and website will work wonders at boosting your SEO rankings on the landing pages of Google. The algorithms of Google are powered in a manner that they are capable of detecting active presence on social media profile and websites, and the platforms that seek to generate an organic following on the basis of their content manage to win in the race of Google’s rankings.


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