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At Asper Studios, we understand the power of video in telling your brand’s story. Our mission is to transform your unique narratives into captivating visual content that connects and resonates with your audience. From deep-diving into the essence of your brand with our Story Brand Video to creating personal, trust-building pieces with our About Us Video, and leveraging powerful testimonials in our Testimonial Videos, we cover all bases. Book your free 30-minute video strategy session today and start your journey towards impactful storytelling that not only illustrates who you are but also showcases what you stand for. Let us help you make a lasting impression in the digital world.

Our 5 Step Process



Initial client consultation to understand the project objectives and requirements. Discuss the target audience, key messages, and overall video tone.


Pre Production

Scriptwriting and storyboarding to outline the video content. Planning the shoot details, such as location, schedule, and participants. Coordinating with team members and interviewing subjects.



Setting up the filming location, including lighting, audio, and camera equipment. Conducting the interviews and capturing additional footage (B-roll). Ensuring all necessary shots are taken for a cohesive final product.



This is where everything comes together. This is where we bring stories to life; frame by frame, we make sure everything is perfect before it debuts.



Client review of the initial edit. Making adjustments based on customer feedback. Finalizing the video for distribution.

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